York County Security Firm Prepares For Republican National Convention In August


YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) The Republican National Convention (RNC) is scheduled to take place in Charlotte in August. As debate continues on the political front on how the convention will look and if it will even happen in Charlotte, a York County security firm says they’ve had delegates reach out for security services.

Karl de la Guarra is the founder of KDI Protective Services.  In his world, every detail matters.  He can’t release names of the people he has protected, but the list ranges from CEO’s of major companies to those on the forefront of politics.

“One of we of the last details we just recently ended was for a presidential candidate that was making frequent stops in South Carolina,” said de la Gaurra.

KDI is based in York County.  The company’s most recent tactical training took place at the Freedom Center in Rock Hill. De la Guarra says KDI is contracted by the Freedom Center to provide security for big names or big events coming through.

“This [training] translates to larger venues,” said de la Guarra, “[It] translates to a multitude of venues with a stage type atmosphere like we have. So this type of training is something we engage in all year long.”

This training also teaches techniques that will be used at the Republican National Convention.  De la Guarra says though he can’t release names, but delegates have already contracted him to provide private security.

“We have been acquiring clients here in South Carolina that will be venturing up to Charlotte for the RNC,” he said, “So those are the clients we’ll be providing protective services to during the RNC.”

KDI Protective Services also partners with local law enforcement agencies.  The firm has trained deputies with the York County Sheriff’s Office for nine years.  Sgt. Robbie Ellis is a graduate of the program.

“As Rock Hill and York County continue to grow, politicians are paying more attention to this area,” said Ellis, “And it’s definitely helped us to get our game plan and our protection details together.”