Rock Hill Bearcats Triumph in Nail-Biter Against J.L. Mann, Secure Spot in State Championship

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Rock Hill has another reason to celebrate as they secure a spot in the state championship, showcasing their versatility in a hard-fought matchup against J.L. Mann on Friday night.

Chloe Hudson once again spearheaded the offensive with an impressive twenty-one points, including six successful three-pointers.

Despite facing a notable size and weight disadvantage in the post against J.L. Mann, Sarah Anderson Wildy displayed remarkable prowess by grabbing eight challenging boards and disrupting numerous shots.

In a tense moment with the team trailing by two and less than thirty seconds on the clock, De’Ashaj Crawford confidently stepped into a three-pointer that found nothing but net, giving the Bearcats the lead.

After successfully thwarting the Patriots’ last attempt, the Bearcats could revel in the joy of returning to the championship game.

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