Cable Advertising Analysis
In the U.S. we spend one third of our time watching Television. Cable TV Advertising reaches the largest base of video viewers today. Television ads encourage further investigation and ultimately move products off the shelves. 75% of viewers will look up information online about an advertisement they saw on television. 69% of them will do this at least once a week. 62% will shop online and or purchase something they have seen on a show / advertisement they are watching. 56% of them will do it once a week or more!Cable is single handily driving television growth….Cables share reaches record highs while broadcast is experiencing record lows.




CN2 Advertising
Let Comporium Media Services put you on the most popular channels being viewed in the York and Lancaster County Markets in South Carolina. We can place your business in front of customers on channels such as ESPN , Fox News, HGTV and many more!




Since 1992, CN2 has been the only local televised news source for York, Lancaster and Chester counties. CN2’s news layout makes it possible for a greater number of viewers to tune-in to our daily newscast when it’s most convenient to their schedule. This cumulative audience means greater viewership, a better informed community and excellent advertising potential.

Local cable TV advertising allows you to focus your message and precisely target your potential buyers in a precise geographic area.

  • CN2 Households: 58,000
  • Potential Buyers: 192,000
  • 70% of cable subscribers watch CN2 three times a week
  • 70% of viewers are between the ages of 35-65
  • 88% of viewers own a home
  • 70% are married / 40% have children
  • 49% of viewers have a household income of $50,000


Advertising Opportunities:

  • CN2 News
  • CN2 Sports
  • CN2Xtra
  • CN2 Today
  • Classifieds
  • Stephen Cooley’s Real Estate Show
  • The City Minute with Betty Jo Rhea
  • High School Football
  • Holiday Christmas Parade
“The best marketing decision that I have ever made for my business is advertising on CN2. TV advertising sets you apart from your competitors. I am on my 7th year of being on CN2!”
-Stephen Cooley, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty
“CN2 has given us our own identity and our customers feel as if they know us even if we have never done work for them before.”
-Chad Adams, Owner, American Air Heating & Cooling
“We’ve found that the advice you have given and the expertise of your entire crew has enabled us to “brand” ourselves in the marketplace. CN2 has helped us reach our target market in a manner that is far less costly than any other advertising medium.”
-Marion Davenport, Chirp ‘n Chatter



Comporium Cable TV Advertising

Comporium Media Services can also help your business grow its brand and customers by putting your business in front of thousands of viewers by building the right spot placement schedule on the Comporium Digital Network. This network includes 38 plus Top Tier Channels that draw the most viewership in our markets. Choose your time and program schedule and start showing up in prime time!



Video Production Services

The Pre-Production phase is critical as it provides the foundation to achieve your goals and reach your targeted audience. We’ll discuss Production Tools, such as Camera Angles, Graphics, Music/Voice-Overs and Talent while  incorporating these elements to deliver your message in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Script Writing
The first step is to establish the audience and concept, the next step is the Script. We encourage your input in this area, as no one knows your business the way you do. Together we can establish your production outline and our staff of talented copywriters can then embellish and enhance your script.

Our Production Team handles all details pertaining to the actual shoot, all while keeping the production on time and within budget.

Post-production is where all the elements in your project “come together.”  The pace of your Video is as important as the content. Due to its accuracy and repeatability, we use Non-Linear Editing, a computer based editing system allowing for precise placement of Clips, Titles, Animations and Graphics, while allowing for quick updates as your company evolves.

Other Ancillary Services Include

  • Professional Narration
  • Music Library and Sounds Effects
  • Color Prints from Video
  • Web-based video transfer
  • Duplication



Classified Ads On CN2Xtra
With a classified still on the cable channel devoted to single-image advertising slides, you can present a quick, targeted message to your audience! Played on a rotation of approximately 50-80 per day. Get your message seen on cable TV!


  • Three Months: $130/month
  • Six Months $120/month
  • One Year: $100/month

Still ads are on the screen for 15 seconds and are repeated 50-80 times periodically throughout the day.

Classified Ads appear on Comporium Cable TV Channel 103.

NO discounts apply to these rates. Six-month and one-year price must sign a contract with a non-cancellation policy.

Customer may submit  their own pre-produced ads.

  • 960 pixels wide by 720 pixels high
  • 72 dpi resolution
  • JPG, PDF or PPT (PowerPoint)



Call 803-326-2600 or 888-646-6680 for more information or to place your ad.