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CN2 Today

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

Hear the story of how one woman is using her battle with depression to help out others  through her organization called Angels in Disguise.

CN2 Today! August 15th, 2018

On this edition of CN2 Today, we meet a young woman who, after suffering from severe battle with depression, is using her experiences to help...

What’s Cooking Wednesday at McGill’s Feeding Room Grill

When it comes to food, nothing tastes as good as fresh, local and family-owned.  It that sense, the Feeding Room Grill at McGill's General...

CN2 Today! August 13th, 2018

Happy Monday!  On this edition of CN2 Today, we visit internationally acclaimed sculptor Bob Doster.  He shares the story of how he got into art,...

Nostalgic Café

A new restaurant in Lancaster throws it back with an oldies theme.

Internationally Acclaimed Sculptor Bob Doster

Internationally acclaimed sculptor Bob Doster works with stainless steel to make pieces ranging from six inches to 12 feet and higher.  His work is...

CN2 Today! August 10th, 2018

Happy Friday!  On this edition of CN2 Today, we talk with Lancaster County School District's Director of Safety and Transportation Bryan Vaughn on how...