Mental Health Task Force continues to grow allowing for better service across York County

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – York County’s Mental Health Task Force is getting bigger thanks to more York County organizations and elected officials joining the committee being spearheaded by Nami Piedmont Tri-County, known as our areas National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The Task Force holding its monthly meeting Monday at the York County Regional Chamber where representatives from 49 different organizations, including New Hope Treatment Centers and keystone substance abuse services discussed tactics for making mental health care more readily available across the Tri-County.

Members also pointing out areas for improvement, like better education on signs of poor mental health, saying by knowing their weaknesses, the task force can now better focus its efforts on improving mental care.

The Mental Health Task Force says it is now growing large enough to begin creating subcommittees within the group to focus on smaller objectives like mental illness tracking and new care tactics.

Group leaders adding the task force itself helps to connect organizations and legislators, allowing for a wider net of care to be cast.

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