South Carolina Solicitors asking for reform when it comes to choosing Judges

SOUTH CAROLINA (CN2 NEWS) – In a letter directed to the South Carolina House Speaker and General Assembly, 9 South Carolina Solicitors are advocating for reform in the process of selecting Judges in the state and for the removal of lawmakers from the judge selection group.

They say this comes after they say a Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JMSC) member has been central to a number of recent scandals that have negatively impacted the public’s confidence in the State’s judiciary.

The letter states that “Regardless of what reform package the General Assembly may pursue, it is our opinion that ALL lawyer-legislators be removed from the JMSC immediately. The public is weary of JMSC members having their family and friends elected to the bench. We are writing to ask that you exercise your appointment power as Speaker of the House and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary to immediately replace the six lawyer-legislators with non-lawyer members of the General Assembly.”

The letter highlights the actions Rep. J Todd Rutherford. It accuses him of having an undue influence on the judicial system, citing instances where he is alleged to have used his position to obtain favorable outcomes for his clients.

“Quite frankly, it is shocking that Rep. Rutherford remains in such an important position, and that lawyer-legislators on JMSC have such influence over our judiciary. Trust us when we say that Rep. Rutherford’s tactics are not unique. Lawyer-legislators have undue influence over our judiciary. We can provide countless other instances under oath.”

To see the full letter click the link: Letter directed to Speaker Smith and Chairman Rankin

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