Doctors, nurses line hospital hallway for emotional send-off for Rock Hill mom

LANCASTER, P.A. (CN2 NEWS) – It’s a video that likely will make you look at life a little differently. Doctors in Pennsylvania told Ciara Direking’s husband, David his wife needed a miracle back in late December 2023. She was put on life support and the outcome did not look good.

The family says through countless prayers and incredible work by medical staff, Ciara was transported by air to a Charlotte hospital for more specialized care late last week. The staff in Pennsylvania lined the hospital hallway, giving Ciara and her family an emotional send-off as she loaded a jet to travel back to the Carolinas.

You can see in the video, David Dierking hugging medical staff as they left that hospital where Ciara was for more than a month.

If you’re not familiar with her story, Ciara, David and their two sons, Colton and Jackson were visiting family in Pennsylvania for Christmas in 2023. Colton became sick and was taken to urgent care. He had Coronavirus and strep. It led to Colton having surgery after finding two abscesses in his neck. He is recovering.

Ciara also became sick and days later went to a hospital where they learned she had Influenza b, group a Strep, and Pneumonia. David says toxins got into her blood stream which sent her body into septic shock. She was put on life support and there was a time they thought she wasn’t going to make it. Her arms and legs had to be removed due to the medication she was given to save her life.

Fast forward to this Monday, family members say prayers are being answered as Ciara is now off life support, her kidneys are working again, and just this Monday a procedure is planned to help her right lung because it is leaking air. David says doctors will use cameras to place valves in her lungs.

Through it all, Ciara’s mom, Brenda Smith says her daughter she is still holding strong to her faith and smiling through the unthinkable.

“We’ve seen some real miracles, many miracles along the way. I hope that she will continue to have a great attitude and just you know, let God use her in this situation. God had a purpose for it. It didn’t just happen and she didn’t just survive. There was a reason for that and hopefully she can touch a lot of lives through it. That would be really my hope for her is that she could help other people because of what she’s been through”, says Smith.

Brenda also adds just how thankful they all are for the support of the Rock Hill community, their church members, and those in Pennsylvania. The Go Fund Me Page created by family has raised close to $120,000 dollars. You can follow Ciara’s journey by liking the page Ciara & Colton Updates.

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