Community rallies around Rock Hill family as wife & mom of two fights for her life

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – When Rock Hill’s David Dierking talks about his wife Ciara, even through a computer screen, he can’t help but smile.

“She is the sweetest person that you’ll ever meet”, says David Dierking.

Ciara is in the fight of her life. She, David and their two sons, Colton and Jackson were visiting family in Pennsylvania for Christmas when she and her youngest became very sick.

Colton, who was 3 at the time started to complain of pain in his neck. Ciara took him to a nearby urgent care. Then he was sent to a hospital on December 26th and doctors there said he had Coronavirus and Strep. They also found two abscesses in his neck. He would soon have two surgeries and is now recovering well.

David says Ciara also wasn’t feeling well, but was focused on her son. Two days later she was rushed to the hospital. No one could ever imagine the weeks that would follow.

“One of the nurses came over to me and said, I just want you to know she is very very sick. Like a 10 out of 10 sick”, says David.

Ciara had Influenza b, group a Strep, and Pneumonia. David says toxins got into her blood stream which sent her into septic shock.

Her organs were failing and Ciara was put on life support. Doctors told them to pray for a miracle.

According to the family’s Go Fund Me account a defibrillator was used on Ciara. Her heart stopped beating. Family says thankfully they had already put her on Ecmo, meaning, they could still keep her alive even with her heart not beating. It would just be a waiting game until her heart could start to heal.

“I was told if you have any family that can make it here, I would strongly tell them to come”, says David.

After agonizing moments in the hospital, some good news. Ciara’s potassium level was decreasing which was a good thing.

“Every little victory we are rejoicing in, excited about”, says David.

Ciara’s journey is far from over.  David says because of the high level of blood pressure  medicine she was given to save her life, doctors told them there’s was a very high chance she would lose her arms and legs. David says that’s because the medicine narrows the blood vessels in order to increase pressure. Sadly this happened, but David is thankful she’s alive.

“The focus is saving her life, you can survive without limbs but there’s nothing quite like having a mother that can watch her kids grow up, see them graduate, so that’s the focus”, says David.

A Go Fund Me account was created by family and has reached more than $45,000 dollars. A great need as medical bills will continue to come in. David says he’s thankful for the support.

He’s hoping to one day be back in Rock Hill as a family of four, he reminds others to cherish every moment.

“My hope for all of this as terrible as it has been it will do some good, I hope it will strengthen marriages. Take the time to take care of your spouse and I hope it strengthens people’s faith”, says David.

David says music, especially gospel hymns have helped him during this terrifying journey.

The Direking’s pastor from Rock Hill and many others have traveled to Pennsylvania to show their support.

David said he’s so thankful to the doctors and medical staff where Ciara is being treated.

David says Ciara is sweet, kind, loves adventures, and her family adds they’ve never heard her say an unkind word. They know her as selfless, kind, and patient.

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