Shelter operators highlight keys to success for creating affordable housing options

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Leaders of different York County shelters say most people in our shelters do not come here from out of town because the services are available. Instead, officials say the majority of people being served are from the Tri-County, mostly York County.

These leaders add those who use the shelters aren’t the people you might think, with these organizations seeing teachers and first responders, people who work, but don’t’ earn enough to often make ends meet.

Courtney Denton with the Life House Women’s Shelter and several others were guests on WRHI Straight Talk where they discussed what is being done to continue to create housing for all.

Denton explains in every successful community they’ve studied there are similar reasons for success, including having the right players involved.

Denton says those players are a banking and a financial person, support from property or land owners, contractors and a property manager, not to mention service providers and the city to make sure the right codes are in place.

These non-profit leaders believe York County has all of those, and say the conversations have started that will lead to many more affordable housing options in 2024.

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