Nikki Haley campaigns in Indian Land for President 2024

INDIAN LAND, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A Republican Presidential Candidate campaigning in the Tri-County and it’s not just anyone, she has deep ties to the Palmetto State.
Former Governor Nikki Haley with her first public stop back in the Tri-County since announcing her run for president.

Her appearance brought in other elected officials, as well as an overflowing room full of supporters to the CrossRidge Center

During the Townhall, Haley talked about her concerns with the border, education, National security, and more.

Haley also talked about the importance of voting in primaries. The Republican Presidential Primary will be February 24th of next year. The democratic primary will be February 3rd.

In response to Haley’s visit – the South Carolina Democratic Party says whether it is Haley or U-S Senator Tim Scott who is also running for president on the Republican ticket, they are running a deeply unpopular agenda to ban abortion nationwide, cut taxes for the ultra-wealthy, and pander to their MAGA base instead of focusing on the actual issues Americans care about.

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