CN2 Sports – Football Week 1 Highlights

TRI-COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Let’s delve into high school football highlights for Week 1!


Kicking off with the Catawba Ridge Copperheads. They began strong, taking a commanding thirteen-point lead primarily due to the impactful rushing by Ira Mister and a solid early performance from their defensive unit.

However, the Knights seized the momentum, going on an impressive streak of thirty-one unanswered points, resulting in Catawba Ridge suffering their first defeat in the early stages of the season.


Meanwhile, a much more tightly contested game unfolded across town featuring the Nation Ford team against the York Cougars.

At halftime, the Cougars held a slim 10-07 advantage. The Cougars’ ground strategy was on full display, exemplified by Javarus Guthrie’s skillful maneuvering around the edge and down the field.

This effort set the stage for their quarterback, Triston Barnett, who executed the read option to secure a scoring play.

On the flip side, Nation Ford showcased their own quarterback, Kaden Barnette. In a pivotal moment, Barnette connected with Josh Ameo, who appeared poised to reach the end zone until an unexpected fumble occurred.

Fortunately, Lucas Barz was present for the recovery in the end zone, narrowing the deficit to a mere three points. Despite Nation Ford’s multiple opportunities to seize the lead, they were unable to capitalize.

Ultimately, as the game clock wound down, Triston Barnett once again broke free, embarking on a forty-six-yard sprint to secure the decisive score.

This victory propelled the Cougars to a one-and-zero record with a commanding thirty-to-fourteen triumph.


In Rock Hill, the South Pointe Stallions extended their hospitality to Rock Hill High School, aiming to once more overcome their local rivals.

They initiated the game with a strong performance, securing a commanding 21-point lead as the first half concluded.

This dominance translated into a 35-13 triumph for the Stallions, propelling them to an unblemished two-and-zero record.

Their upcoming challenge involves facing their third consecutive 5A opponent next week at Gaffney, while the Bearcats are set to host the Lancaster Bruins as they seek their next victory.

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