New “Fast track” program allows students to earn degrees in record time

ROCK HILL, S.C (CN2 NEWS) – Thanks to a new program announced on Tuesday with Winthrop University and York Technical College, high school students have the potential of earning their associates degree by the time they are 18 years old.

Its an effort that could bring more students into the workforce faster for high demanding jobs like teachers and healthcare.

Now York Technical College and Winthrop University announcing another way students can earn degrees in record time and cut the cost of a bachelors degree in half. Its called the Fast Track Program.

As labor shortages continue to rise, this new program aims to get people in the workforce faster.

If a high school student is interested in the Fast Track Program, they can visit Winthrop University’s website and York Technical College’s website to apply.

Some of the most popular programs Winthrop officials say are Business Administration, Political Science, Marketing, Management, and Psychology.

Winthrop leads say approximately 500 Dual Enrollment students attend York Tech each semester.

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