KARE Organization Celebrates State Funding for New Location

KERSHAW, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The KARE organization celebrated the state funding that allowed them to purchase a new location for The Exchange by KARE, known as “The Exchange”.

During the announcement, KARE expressed their gratitude to the South Carolina General Assembly members who played a pivotal role in making this endeavor possible.

“When we identified an opportunity to broaden our community mission by relocating The Exchange to a larger and more prominent site, we recognized that the funds required for the new property might divert resources from our primary goal – serving our clients in need,” explained Angie Neal, Executive Director of KARE. “We shared these concerns with our local leaders, Representatives Cody Mitchell, Brandon Newton, and Richie Yow, who grasped the significance of the situation and exhibited the leadership needed to secure state support. Without their backing, KARE would not be as robust as it stands today.”

Representatives Cody Mitchell, Brandon Newton, and Richie Yow worked together to secure $904,173 in state assistance for KARE’s renovation of the Fred’s Pharmacy building.

The relocation of The Exchange, KARE’s thrift store operations, to this new site is scheduled for early 2024.

KARE relies entirely on grants, charitable contributions, and the revenue generated by “The Exchange”. The new location will triple the available square footage for the retail operation, resulting in additional income to support the organization’s various services.

The current location of The Exchange will be repurposed to expand the organization’s food pantry services, establishing a food hub serving Kershaw, Lancaster, and Chesterfield counties.

Representative Cody Mitchell


Representative Cody Mitchell remarked, “From its food pantry to its financial assistance services and thrift store operations, KARE has been assisting our neighbors in need for over four decades. When presented with the opportunity to invest in an organization with a long-standing history of community improvement, I immediately recognized it as a worthy cause.”



Representative Brandon Newton


Representative Brandon Newton, a member of the Ways and Means Committee, added, “KARE has become synonymous with ‘neighbors helping neighbors’ in our region, demonstrating their commitment to our community’s well-being when it matters most. When I learned they required our support to enhance and expand their charitable mission without compromising their existing services, it was an easy decision to back their request.”



Representative Richie Yow


Representative Richie Yow stated, “I can think of no more deserving investment than one that strengthens an organization dedicated to the exceptional charitable work that KARE has consistently excelled in. I eagerly anticipate witnessing all that KARE will achieve in this new facility and the resources it will undoubtedly generate.”

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