Indian Land couple rescued during storm Tuesday evening

INDIAN LAND, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Indian Land’s Robert Pope is cleaning up the mess Tuesday’s storm left behind at his home. He says he’s thankful he, his wife and dog are okay.

“The water comes in so fast, I mean within an hour it was over the berm, almost in the street”, says Pope.

Pope says despite a dirt barrier he created because of previous flood issues, the creek beside his home quickly ran over Tuesday evening, causing major flooding in his yard and damage to his home and belongings.

With the water rising so quickly he called 911 for help.

“It was about two and a half, three feet deep or so. You gotta be careful about what is in the water, and what might be in the yard and get them out safely”, says Richard Johnson.

Firefighter for Indian Land Fire Department, Richard Johnson was one of several who responded. He says fire crews quickly rescued the couple and their dog with swift water equipment

“Understanding your property and what’s around you, knowing when danger is coming to be prepared. They were already ready to leave the home and had packed up some things. They knew what they were doing and were ready to be out of the home for a little bit”, says Johnson.

Now, Pope is trying to salvage what is left as his crawl space remains under water. He says he’s thankful for the quick actions of first responders.

“Thanks for taking the time to come out and answer the call”, says Pope.

Pope adds he is in a flood zone and this is the third time he’s dealt with flooding issues.

County leaders say this particular flood at Pope’s home was impacted by Six Mile Creek overflow and backwater.

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