Grace Lutheran Church Celebrates 100 Years

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The more than 500 hundred member congregation at Grace Lutheran Church in Rock Hill

is spending the rest of 2023 celebrating the 100th anniversary of the church located on Oakland Avenue.

While the building itself was not built until 19-25, A small group of Lutheran Winthrop students came together in 1923 to give their congregation a name while also selecting the church’s first pastor.

Just a century later and members are still continuing to join.

The Reverend adding renovations have been made to Grace Lutheran over the years, with the wooden pews being some of the only original materials left in the church.

Staff saying, they have found ways to keep the history alive by repurposing original stain glass windows into a decorative table and keeping the same iconic style with red doors and stone walls.

The congregation plans to continue celebrating the anniversary with visits from former pastors, concerts, and a member’s dinner.

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