Gov. Henry McMaster, Sen. Tim Scott Break Down JUSTICE Act

SOUTH CAROLINA (CN2 NEWS) — Senator Tim Scott introducing the federal legislation, this past Wednesday, which talks about police reform and encourages more accountability and transparency for law enforcement officer.

On this Monday, Senator Scott discussing the necessary relationship between law enforcement and communities of color.

Senator Scott saying he believes body cameras play an important role in accountability and help deescalate situations in the field.

Scott suggesting that there need to be more resources for police, and saying more training should be available to train law enforcement officers on the best ways to deescalate situations.

Scott saying he believes that co-responders who are trained, could help officers in the field, better handle those with mental health, addiction and homelessness issues. Scott saying co-responders will, “help save lives without any question.”

Senator Scott saying his bill is directly aligned with President Trump’s executive order and he says will, “create an environment where officers are safer and the suspects are safer too.”

For more information on Senator Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act, you can visit the link below:


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