Fort Mill Schools Starting New Alternative School program starting in October

FORT MILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The Fort Mill School District is getting ready to open a new Alternative School. It will be called Oak Grove Academy and will be located on district property behind Sugar Creek Elementary School.

The site is currently under construction with a projected opening date of October 1st.

Here’s some background on how the district got here.

In 2008 – There was the Fort Mill Academy that served alternative programs, but it was torn down to make room for more growth in the fort mill area.

In 2009 – Major budget cuts slashed the Fort Mill Academy, and the alternative classes were then moved to each individual campus a the high school and one location that served all middle schools, so that is how it has been for the past 14 years.

Fast forward to today – Again this Fall the Fort Mill School District plans to open Oak Grove Academy to serve up to 80 students.

Grey Young, the Assistant Superintendent sharing with the board, “These are students in our community they’re there for a number of reasons. Some are there for behavior reasons, some are there for academics, some are there for attendance, some are there because that’s where they need to be. It’s a better learning environment for them at the time and our goal is to help them be better students, help them to be better citizens of our community and help them get back to that general education setting.”

Oak Grove Academy will use a modular building from The Citadel which Fort Mill School District officials say is not your normal modular building and you will be amazed once you see it come together.

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