Fort Mill High School Jackets wins 5A Wrestling State Championship

COLUMBIA, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – In a scene reminiscent of déjà vu, the Summerville Green Wave faced off against the Fort Mill Yellow Jackets at Dreher High School for the 5A wrestling state championship.

Unlike their previous encounters, the Jackets displayed a notable deviation in their performance.

Jack Kadish initiated a strong start with a significant major decision. Despite Summerville’s attempt to narrow the gap, Theodore Ernst secured a crucial victory in the final moments of the one-seventy-five match, expanding the lead to seven points.

Although Fort Mill experienced setbacks in the subsequent three matches from one-ninety to heavyweights, none resulted in pinfalls.

As the competition shifted to Fort Mill’s reputed territory, their lighter weights maintained their dominance.

On Saturday, Luke Van Beynum and Jacob Nally both secured pins, allowing them to reclaim the lead.

The momentum continued with Lincoln Green, achieving a major decision at one-twenty, followed by Tucker Gibson’s pinfall victory and Logan Shope’s five-to-three decision, marking his one-hundredth career win.

Despite the basketball team commanding much attention, it’s essential to acknowledge the wrestling squad’s resilience.

Displaced for a significant portion of the season due to school flooding, Coach Marullo attributes their perseverance as the key factor in their triumphant return to the pinnacle.

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