Families made complete on “adoption day” in York County courtroom

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Today, December 27th is the last day of the year for York County’s Family court.

On the docket, families are made complete through adoptions and as the year 2023 wraps up, the Farmer family from Laurens, South Carolina is now whole.

“The best Christmas present we could have gotten”, says Kendal Farmer.

Kendal and John Farmer have fostered 40 children over the last decade, Billy came to them at 5 weeks old.

“For us its the end of a long road. We’ve been foster parents for many many years. Had a lot of children in our home and Billy was the one who was sent to be part of our family forever. We will close the chapter on fostering to commit to him” says Kendal.

And now two year old Billy is legally a part of their family.

“He came into this world from a very rough situation. And you have people like the Farmer’s who are willing to take kids in like that, knowing what challenges lie ahead”, says York County Judge David Guyton.

Also in this York Court Room is Hannah Guyton. She’s very familiar with the adoption process, because 19 years ago, Judge David Guyton and his wife adopt her.

“It is beautiful and I’m so grateful my dad can do it. And that he can bring these kids to their new families and give them the joy that they deserve, like a Judge did for me 19 years ago”, says Hannah.

For Judge Guyton, he’ll never forget that day nearly two decades ago and he hopes his daughter’s journey can be an encouragement to others.

“Its been a really neat thing. 19 years ago, having her in court and being able to adopt her. And she wanted to come as well. And I think her story may help other people think about adopting”, says Judge Guyton.

As for the Farmers, they are now a party of 7 ready to take on the world with a bond no one can break.

A total of seven adoptions took place today in court.

Hannah Guyton, Judge Guyton’s daughter is a student at Clemson University, she plans to graduate a year early and then go to medical school. She say she has her parents to thank for her accomplishments.

If you would like to learn more about fostering or adoption reach out to South Carolina DSS.

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