Count Down is On – Real ID’s Required in 2023

TRI-COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEW) – South Carolinians have less than a year to get a REAL ID that will allow them to travel domestic and commercial flights enter a secure federal building, or visit a military installation, unless a another form of federally approved identification is presented.

With the May 3, 2023 date set, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) stated on their website, “A gold star on your license, or ID designates, it as a REAL ID. If your license or ID does not have a gold star, it will have a message stating “Not for Federal Identification” and is not compliant with REAL ID.”

What you need to obtain a Real ID:
* Proof of Identity:  Government-issued birth certificate or unexpired US Passport
* Social Security Number
* Two Proofs of Current, Physical SC Address: Current, unexpired South Carolina driver’s license or identification card and current utility bill with the same name and address
* Proof of all Legal Name Changes: Marriage license, divorce decree, or court order issued by your county’s probate or family court

However, a Real ID is not required to drive, vote, serve on a federal jury, receive Federal Benefits such as Veterans Affairs and Social Security or access to a hospital.

To learn more about the Real ID and for further information go to

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