CN2 Today’s Savory Scoop – National Peach Month at Bush & Vine Farm!

YORK, S.C. (CN2 TODAY) -There are many things to celebrate in August, such as the start of school and the high school football season. But did you know that it is also National Peach Month?

Bush N Vine is helping people celebrate this special occasion during CN2 Today’s Savory Scoop. Bush N Vine has grown fresh fruits and vegetables in York since 1979.

The farm offers seasonal fruit and veggies year-round, with peaches being their most popular around this time.

Unfortunately, due to a freeze earlier in the year, Bush N Vine and many other farms nationwide face significant losses to their peach crops.

However, Bush N Vine is not deterred and continues to celebrate National Peach Month.

If you’re in the area, check out their Farm Café, which offers a wide range of peach treats.

So let’s raise a peach for Bush N Vine and all the other farmers working hard to bring us delicious fruits and vegetables every day!

The Savory Scoop is brought to you by Founders Federal Credit Union, Relax You’re with Founders. 

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