York County Leaders Asking For $24 Million To Improve Exit 90 In Fort Mill

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — We’ve already reported on the approval of funds from the South Carolina Infrastructure Bank for two of York County’s most congested interstate exits – exits 82 and 85.

Now, York County leaders are asking for funds for one more interchange project.

The South Carolina Infrastructure Bank, aka SIB, granted the county more than $70 million to alleviate traffic and create safer interchanges in Rock Hill and Fort Mill.

York County leaders say one of the main issues at both exits 82 and 85 is wrecks and they say the goal is to create safer roadways.

Now, leaders are asking SIB for around $24 million to improve exit 90.

“We just need to restructure. When you look at that with all of the traffic coming in from Carowinds, one of the major tourist attractions in this region, not just the state, but the region, you’re talking a tremendous amount of traffic over 2 million, 3 million cars a year, York County Council Chairman Michael Johnson said. “We need to improve that intersection and do something very similar to what we were doing at Gold Hill.”

Johnson says the county is waiting to hear back from the SIB to see if they have extra funding for the exit 90 project.

He says he’s expecting to hear back from them by this fall.

Johnson adds travelers can expect to see construction start on exits 82 and 85 by 2022.