Voting power changing for RFATS Committee

ROCK HILL, S.C.(CN2 NEWS) – A change in power is happening within RFATS, better known as the Rock Hill-Fort Mill Area Transportation Study.

The committee’s goal being to increase the total vote count of it’s members from 12 up to 15 overall votes. RFATS officials voting unanimously to make that a reality by increasing the Town of Fort Mill, and Lancaster County‘s voting powers from 1 to 2 votes,

RFATS Administrator, David Hooper, said the decision to do so comes following the release of the 2020 Census outputs, which show the population of the RFATS planning is changing.

“It gives them more of a voice in the process and that’s important, because we approach things where we want to get a consensus based outcome,” Hooper said. “If an idea has merit it should be able to be recognized by more than one jurisdiction, so if you have a nice balance of voting among the policy committee members, that tends to produce the best planning outcomes.”

This topic led to several members making arguments for more discussion time during the monthly meetings. Committee member adding¬†right now meetings feel too presentation heavy, giving the committee less time to discuss solutions and ideas that actually impact the area’s transportation system.

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