Truck seized in Chester County is part of “Gilgo Beach” investigation

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The investigation involving the murders of at least 3 women in New York now has a significant tie to the Tri-County area.

CN2 News reporter Renee O’Neil obtained the search warrant for the piece of property seized from property in Chester County reportedly owned by accused serial killer, rex Heuermann.

Suspected Serial Killer, Rex Heuermann has been charged in the “Gilgo Beach” murders from 2010. Officials says Heuermann is charged in the murders of Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman and Amber Costello. Their bodies were discovered along Gilgo Beach back in 2010.

There are 11 victims in total in what is known as the “Gilgo Beach” murders. After years of investigating, a task force was created 18 months ago to find the killer.

According to officials, detectives got Heuermann’s DNA from pizza crust in a box that he threw away and matched it to a hair found on a restraint used in the killings. He has been charged in at least three of the murders.

Heuermann, who is also an architect, husband and father was arrested last Thursday in New York.

After investigating, CN2 News learned Rex Heuermann bought 4 pieces of property in Chester County in 2021. The properties are in and around Rippling Brooke Drive.

His brother, according to public record also owns property on Rippling Brooke Drive and reportedly lives there.

Prior to Heuermann’s arrest, the Chester County Sheriff’s Office was asked to assist in the investigation.

Vehicle in investigation

According to documents obtained by CN2 News a 2002 green Chevrolet Avalanche was seized from the property on Rippling Brook Drive and according to the document, the truck is registered in the brother’s name, Craig Heuermann.

Officials with the Suffolk County Police Department say Rex Heuermann gave the Avalanche in question to his brother around 2015 and Rex owned it the time of the murders he’s charged with.

In the search warrant document it says authorities plan to search the property looking for any personal items that may have belonged to the victims, including telephones, articles of clothing, jewelry, as well as DNA, fingernails, toenails, and more.

The warrant also states the search of the vehicle will take place in New York. It is currently at a crime lab in New York.

CN2 coverage on ties to Chester County:

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