Suspected serial killer owned property in Chester, neighbors shocked

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Its an investigation that’s making national and even international headlines.

Suspected Serial Killer, Rex Heuermann of New York has been charged in the murder deaths of three of 11 victims in what’s known as the “Gilgo Beach” murders from 2010.

Before his arrest, The Chester County Sheriff’s Office was requested to assist in gathering evidence in Chester County related to the case.

CN2 has learned Heuermann purchased property in the county and confirmed his brother lives there. Some reports say neighbors say Heuermann reportedly plan to retire in the county.

“You hear this? This is all I ever hear”, says Steve Caston.

Steve Caston of Chester County says the road he’s lived on for more than 20 years, Rippling Brooke Drive, has always been quiet, until last week.

“It just shocks me”, says Caston.

Now property on this rural road is part of an investigation into suspected serial killer 59 year old Rex Heuermann of New York.

According to reports, Heuermann ,an Architect was arrested last Thursday and charged in the murders of three women and possibly a fourth who were part of what’s known as the “Gilgo Beach” murders from more than a decade ago.

During the murder investigation and prior to the arrest, the Chester County Sheriff’s Office was requested by the Gilgo Beach Task Force to assist in their investigation”, says Londa Pringle, Public Information Officer with the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

Public records show Heuermann purchased 4 pieces property off and around this road including at this address on Rippling Brooke Drive where a gate says “no warrant, no entry”. According to records, his brother also lives in the area.

Pringle says their office assisted the Gilgo Beach Task Force in obtaining a court order to seize a vehicle in South Carolina and While covering the story this New York State Police vehicle rolled into the sheriff’s office, towing what appears to be Chevrolet Avalanche, which officials say is part of the investigation.

Neighbor Steve says he believes he’s seen Rex’s brother driving a vehicle describe like that before. He says he didn’t know Heuermann’s brother well, but says the would wave at each other and feels he may have dodge a bullet.

“Then I started thinking they are buying up all this secluded land and all this is happening. What could have happened when he moved down here”, says Caston.

Leaving a lot of question about what could be found as Chester County continues to work with authorities from the northeast.

For more than a decade law enforcement from the Long Island, New York area have been lookin for answers.

18 months ago a task force was created and that’s what helped lead them to Heuermann
more than 300 subpoenas and search warrants led to his arrest.

CN2 attempted to find a phone number or a way to contact the Rex’s brother but all the numbers we found were either out of service or we were told it was the wrong number.

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