Thieves Steal Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Peaches At York Peach Farm, Customers Turn Situation Around

YORK, S.C. — We have an update to a story many of you cared about.

Last week, someone stole 75 half bushels of peaches from Black’s Peaches in York.

It was a loss for the farm, but customers helped turned the situation into a win.

It started as an announcement on Facebook, news that someone stole around 4,000 peaches from the orchard at Black’s Peaches in York.

“That morning my father, Mr. Black, went to the Orchard. He goes every morning to check and see and the peaches were gone,” Beth Black said.

Black’s Peaches has been family owned since 1923. Arthur Black says he’s had things stolen a time or two over the years. But this year, they had to stop pick your own peaches early and after this incident, they won’t be able to start it back up again.

“So it’s been two years since we’ve picked anything off of it,” Arthur Black said. “And we put about $2,500 an acre a year in them. So, that’s a pretty good chunk to see someone pick it up and go.”

There is a silver-lining. That Facebook post inspired customers, like Randy Neff to show up and support Black’s Peaches. This weekend was a hit.

“I like to support local farmers, of course, and their product is delicious. Just had a peach on my cereal this morning. It was fabulous,” Customer Randy Neff said.

“I was overwhelmed, I didn’t realize that so many people actually cared,” Beth Black said. “I mean, we hope that they do. But almost every other customer came in and said, ‘we’re so sorry, it’s terrible’, so that was truly amazing.”

Arthur says this weekend proved what he honestly already knew, there are some bad apples out there, but they can’t spoil the good bunch.

“That overshadowed one or two did wrong.”



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