Supplies Headed to Tennessee from Lancaster for Tornado Victims

LANCASTER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A group of people from Lancaster County and beyond are on the road right now, heading to Tennessee to bring much need supplies to one community that has been left in shambles after tornadoes tore through the small town last week.

A Tri-County man says his hometown is destroyed. His mom could hear the tornado coming as she took cover.

“They live right where they call tornado alley”, says Kelly Lilly.

The damage in these photos may seem very far away for many, but for Lancaster’s Kevin Lilly, the devastation hits close to home.

My mom actually heard the tornadoes go through when they rolled through. But it hit so fast they didn’t have time they woke up and heard everything they weren’t able to go to the storm shelter”, says Lilly.

Kevin is originally from Dresden Tennessee. The small town was hit by a tornado last Friday night. His mom and family thankfully survived the storm.

His mom’s home he says is still standing but the town is left in pieces.

Kevin says after posting one simple post on Facebook about the need, people from all over began asking him how they could help. And now 4 vehicles stocked full of supplies are heading to Tennessee.

Kevin says you can donate to their cause by visiting,

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