Community Capital Alliance focusing on Rock Hill economic development

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The South Carolina Community Capital Alliance is spending its second day in Rock Hill.

More than 200 guest are attending the organization’s conference happening at the Rock Hill Sports and event center.

The alliance works to increase capital resources for South Carolina’s most under served and under-capitalized communities.

At the event several speakers highlighted topics in impact investing, community financing tools, and other tactics to support community economic development across the state.

The conference also focusing on Rock Hill development, using the downtown area, Knowledge Park and the City’s South-Side Revitalization to show how a town can create a new vision.

Alliance Board Member, Deborah McKetty

“Part of what we do with this conference is we come to projects like this.” said Alliance Board Member, Deborah McKetty. “We get to see the before and the after and then we really get to talk to the developers. Who were the visionaries behind this project? How were the nuts and bolts put together? Where did the financing come from? How did the community’s vision turn into an actual project that’s serving the community in the way that it is? So that’s kind of the whole purpose of this, to really understand how these projects happen.”

Conference officials also awarding the Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation with the 2023 Community Champion Award. The corporation receiving the award for its contributions to community economic development.

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