SC family thanks community after missing dog “Cash” was found

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) -For York County’s Lindsay Skinner, she didn’t think her summer would include searching for a family’s dog she never met.

We are talking about the beloved Cash, a 9 year old dog from Leesville, South Carolina. He ran into the woods after his owners, Tiffany Greene, Lee Wood and their three year old Daughter Paisley were involved in a serious accident on July 8th when they were on their way to camp at Carowinds.

A trailer disconnected from a truck, slamming into another vehicle and then the family’s truck on I-77 in Richburg. Tiffany and Lee were seriously injured. Paisley walked away with only a scratch.

Following the crash, Cash was first seen on the Lindsay Skinner’s parent’s property.
Friends near and far, including Cash’s grandparents who came from Leesville to search for him posted flyers throughout the area.

Skinner says some time went by and Cash wasn’t seen, until someone spotted him last week near Edgeland Road.

Skinner says she and her family, along with family members of Greene put out cameras and worked to track Cash.

Cash was eventually found safe and sound off Edgeland Road just after Midnight on Monday.

Now Cash is back in the arms of his family, a family that’s very grateful for complete strangers who never lost hope.

Tiffany Greene and Lee Wood are still recovering from their injuries and more surgeries are expected. A Go Fund Me has been created to raise money for their mounting medical bills. Link:

The family and Christina LeGrand, a friends of the family released the following statement, thanking the community:

“Following the horrible accident on July 8th that caused Cash to be lost, the support from individuals in the community has been so helpful. Complete strangers that we met on Facebook through the Please Help Find Cash group have been so helpful during the last 5 weeks.  We are not local to the area  and the help the community gave is so appreciated. While looking for Cash, someone was always out and about looking for him too. They helped by picking up flyers that were ordered and placing them in the areas that were familiar to them and not us where Cash could possibly be. The first time he was sighted was on I-77 July 13th  near the scene of the wreck and people in the community were quick to respond and let us know. Cash was tracked to the same area, but could not determine which direction he went.   He could not be found. The weeks that followed, additional flyers went out and people continued to share about Cash. We got assistance getting property owner information & permission to be on various properties. Again, the community helped us by allowing us on their property. Quite some time passed without seeing Cash. Although the efforts didn’t stop. We didn’t get a break until the end of last week where folks in the community again reached out when he was spotted for the first time since July 13th. Cash’s owners immediately went to try and bring their boy home. However, Cash was in fight/flight mode. He was scared and ran away. The next day, some of Cash’s family along with some help from individuals in the community helped to trap him by helping with cameras and traps. This was a turning point with multiple sightings and we were not quitting until Cash was home.  Cash gave us a run for our money, but eventually he was located and the trap was set. We appreciate the complete strangers that have become family during this ordeal. The Richburg-Fire Rescue team was always so helpful and did anything that was asked and helped share the news.  We appreciate those individuals that assisted and have continued to pray for Lee, Tiffany & Paisley since the day of the crash. Also, those that have helped spread the word and look for Cash starting that day of the accident until we brought him home. We never gave up and are thankful for those that joined us that didn’t give up either.  Bringing Cash home closed one chapter in the story and his family is so happy he is home. The story is not over, they still have a long road to recovery. Please continue to pray for the healing of Cash’s owners (Tiffany & Lee). Although miles away, and the circumstances were unfortunate, from one small town to another, THANK ALL OF YOU for your assistance!”

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