Rock Hill’s Mass COVID Vaccination Clinic Opens at Galleria Mall





ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) Rock Hill’s new mass COVID vaccination clinic is open on this Friday, inside Galleria Mall. Leaders say all 500 slots were filled with appointments and volunteers — but the need for more help is still there.

Rock Hill’s new COVID vaccine clinic is beginning to vaccinate 500 people per day on this Friday with hopes of vaccinating 2,000 beginning next week.

Rock Hill’s Mayor John Gettys saying its a big day for the city. “We’ve got to get as many shots in as many willing arms as possible to stem the tide of this virus. But what’s more important I think today, is creating hope and seeing hope as people walk in the door. And I tell you that something that’s fun — I’ve been to another clinic and seeing people come out, just with the biggest smile that you could have.”

More volunteers than expected showing up on this opening morning from both Piedmont Medical Center and the City of Rock Hill — and leaders say they’re looking for more. They’re asking members of the community with medical backgrounds and non-medical backgrounds to consider signing up. They say running this clinic will be a community effort.

City of Rock Hill Marketing Coordinator, Evan Goetz, says, “We’re seeking people to fill those volunteer slots. We’re hoping to have at least 50 volunteers per day, and if we don’t need that threshold it’s harder to produce the vaccine for the public.”

Volunteers from Piedmont Medicals Auxiliary also helping in the efforts – helping train volunteers and manage the clinic.

Piedmont Volunteer Auxiliary Coordinator, Susan Malette, says, “When people get the vaccine they’re going to feel more comfortable to come into the hospital environment and help out again so we’re looking forward to doing that. It’ll probably of course be a process phased out over the next few months but, at least we’re moving in the right direction.”

Volunteer, Stephanie DiStasio says, “I want for both my children, I think it’s important that we show that when our community has needs that we step up and volunteer. And so I think just having an example for my own children about what it means to be an active community member is important.”

“And so today, we get to spread hope in Rock Hill and that’s a great thing for us as a community. I’m just really excited that well everyone, all the partners working together, can pull this off so quickly,” says Gettys.

In the video above,CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with leaders and volunteers about how the community can continue to get involved.