Tender Hearts Ministries Rezoning was Approved to Open the First Men’s Shelter in the City of York

YORK-Tender Hearts Ministries works towards providing shelter to all in the area.

“In 2007 we open the city of York first homeless shelter for women and children,” said Founder Ainslee Moss.

Now Tender Hearts Ministries plans to open a shelter for men. All thanks to the City of York rezoning committee for approving the proposal to move women and children from their old facility, and ultimately place the men into that current space. It would be both a residential and transitional program called House of Hope.

“Being here in York you know we have men who will drop in they’ll call, and we see the need increase, that men need shelter. We refer them to other men shelters only to find out their full as well,” Moss says.

The facility will provide shelter for 14 men in the York county area and additionally it will provide jobs to those in need.

“The warehouse serves as a place for people that are homeless or in need that they can get a job immediately,” said Moss.

Once men can move into the shelter, they can begin work in the Tender Hearts warehouse.

To get things started this organization needs the community help to raise money for the new women’s shelter sprinkler system.

“We’re in the process, once the city gave us the go ahead of raising the funds, we’ve raised 12,000 but we’re going to need those funds before we actually are able to make the transition to move the women here and put the men in the old shelter.”

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