York County’s Ebenezer Park Renovations Near Completion


ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) Ebenezer Park’s new renovations are winding down as park leaders prepare to reopen with new amenities.

Renovations for the park started in 2019 the park got a new 800 foot length pier that encloses the swimming area, new picnic shelters, swings, a kayak and canoe launch, new boat slips and a new multipurpose building.

Leaders say the park has not gotten any major renovations since the early 1990’s and they’re excited to bring the changes to the area.

Ebenezer Park’s Park Superintendent, Pat Morrison, says, “One of our major complaints throughout the years has been you know the swimming area. Its just really small and it’s not real deep in and along with that I forgot to add that they did drudge out some silk material so now the swimming area will be a little bit deeper in area. So, overall it was something the park needed. And, I’ve been here 26 years so just to see it come to reality it’s pretty cool.”

That project total is $4.6 million. Those funds came from hospitality taxes so there was no tax increase for residents.

Leaders say the park is a great place for people to visit and they’re looking forward to opening in the next few weeks.