Rock Hill Police Department Getting a Large Number of Car Theft and Break-In Reports


ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) Rock Hill’s Police Department saying its seeing a lot of car theft and break-ins over the weekend.

Lieutenant Michael Chavis, with Rock Hill Police, says they saw 4 stolen vehicles and 10 break-ins this past Saturday.

They say of the reports that came in most came from apartment complexes around the city and in most cases keys had been left in the car.

Lt. Chavis says the best way to keep your car and belongings safe is to always make sure your car is locked, never leave your keys in your car and finally you should never leave any valuables in the car.

Lt. Chavis says most car thieves spot unlocked cars, and look for valuables like cash, electronics, and in some cases even firearms.

Police say it’s especially important to never leave weapons in your car. They say last year, they had reports of more than 300 firearms that were taken from cars in Rock Hill.