Pro-Choice March Set for in Fort Mill

FORT MILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – On the other side of the abortion debate, those who are Pro-Choice are saying a woman should have the right to choose what to do with her body.

An 18 year old from Fort Mill, Will Sander, is so passionate about the right to choose, that he, along with other organizers, are planning a Pro-Choice March set for this Thursday in Fort Mill.

Sanders say he believes something has to be done to lets politicians know he and others will not stand for abortion restrictions or bans.

“Now is the moment we need to communicate to our legislators that this is unexceptional, I think of the women in life my sister ,my mother, my girlfriend and I think that I can’t accept to live in an America where this is a reality and they don’t have a right to their very own body

Pro-Choice March
Thursday, June 30th
12 PM
Walter Elisha Park
345 N. White Street

A table will be set up so marchers can write letters to their representatives to let their voices be heard. Along with Sanders, there are a total of 10 organizers putting the march on including the names listed below.

  • Amber Pesce
  • Anisha Dasari
  • Emily Meltzer
  • Esmie Fern
  • Jordan Jefferies
  • Justice Salgado
  • Kami Beats
  • Parker Strandberg
  • Sarah Kate Elhamahmy
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