Murder Trial Update: Baldwin case heats up

We are back in the courtroom for the trial of the former Chester County law enforcement officer on trial this week accused of murdering his wife and framing it as an accident.

The testimony is getting more graphic in detail but a question that has come up is why law enforcement did not secure the home of James Baldwin the night of the alleged crash.
Former Detective Chris Reynolds of the Chester County Sheriff’s Office testified late Tuesday that he went to the home, saw blood in the Chester home, but ultimately didn’t classify the home as a crime scene the night of the alleged crash that killed Judy Orr Baldwin.
Reynolds says he was told they’d need more information from an autopsy report before classifying the home as part of a criminal investigation- so he only took pictures.
He acknowledged they didn’t process the scene for DNA or take any other evidence early on.
Reynolds told the court he didn’t feel like his investigation was thorough enough – and when questioned why he didn’t do more after the crash- he cited his chain of command

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