Learn how a Winthrop Professor had the chance to assist on ‘Expedition Unknown’

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Earlier in December Winthrop University announced that Brent Woodfill, a Winthrop Professor, assisted on the popular Discovery show ‘Expedition Unknown’.

‘Expedition Unknown’ is a 12 season long series where host, Josh Gates, explores legendary mysteries across the globe and investigates iconic unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures and other puzzling stories.

In the episode Woodfill assisted on, ‘Lost City of the White Jaguar’, Woodfill helps Josh hunt for the last Mayan stronghold to ward off the Spanish conquistadors.

In the description of the episode, they set off on an expedition braving snakes, spiders and jaguars to uncover the legendary Sac Balam.

CN2 interviewed Woodfill about his experience on the show through zoom where he explained back in 2018 a colleague of his reached out about a possible archeological find in Guatemala.

Due to this find, a journalist reached out to Woodfill and asked to participate in another trip he would be taking, which later became an article titled: In search of the ‘white jaguar’: Archaeologists travel deep into the jungle to find a lost Maya city

Because of this article, Joh Gates, host of the show, reached out to Woodfill to do another piece on the topic where he then was able to assist on the episode ‘Lost City of the White Jaguar’.

In the interview Josh said the filming of the episode was “. . . a 10-day trip which we flew in to be at most on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. We traveled around in 3 minivans that were full of film crew, sound producers, writers, translators and the talent.”

He went on to say that the experience was amazing as the host of the show stuck true to the facts of history and knew much about the topic.

If you want to watch the series yourself, you can do so by visiting Discovers website or by viewing “Expedition Unknown” on its streaming platform, Discover+.

Once the spring semester starts up at Winthrop, Woodfill says he will host a watch party of the episode for faculty and students that are interested.

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