Home is where the heart is: Become a Habitat Partner Today!

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A new family finally achieving the American dream of owning their own home thanks to the help of Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat says the number of affordable housing units in our area has been harder and harder to come by and even more shocking the cost of a home is now double what is was two years ago.

Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to make sure families can afford a home and
Marilyn Curry is one of those lucky few. With her family around her she can finally show her home off to the world during a recent home dedication.

During National Homeowners Month Habitat for Humanity taking this opportunity to speak out on the lack of affordable housing in York County.

Tim Veeck Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity said, “Over the last two years the affordable housing stock has risen. . . so any time we can help a family access affordable home ownership we feel like its a win for the community.”

There are ways you can help. You can volunteer your time at their home builds, give a financial donation or shop at the two Habitat For Humanity ReStore locations in York County where the money goes right back to Habitat.

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