Gov. McMaster Orders All SC Restaurants, Bars To End Dine-In Service During Coronavirus Outbreak

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Governor Henry McMaster announcing today that he is ordering all restaurants and bars in the state of South Carolina to shut down dining services, starting Wednesday, March 18th in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This does not include curbside and take-out options.

He’s also mandating that state agencies waive any regulations to address more efficiently and quickly the Coronavirus.

McMaster also ordering the extension of state tax deadlines and file returns for all groups and businesses to allow cash flow during crisis to pay employees. Tax returns and payments due April 1 – June 1 will now be due June 1 of this year. Penalty and interest will not be charged if payment is made by June 1. This includes South Carolina Individual Income Taxes, Corporate Income Taxes, Sales and Use Tax, Admissions Tax and other taxes filed and paid with the SCDOR.

The governor also made some requests and recommendations. Below are some key points from his speech.

  • Insurance will pay 100 percent of coronavirus visits. There will be no payments for items like x-rays, tests and procedures.
  • South Carolina medical and surgical centers halt all non-threatening procedures for the next few days to do treatment for Coronavirus.
  • SC insurance companies are requested to incentivize doctors to treat non-Covid patients over telehealth and not in person if possible. This allows open space for Coronavirus patients.
  • Grocery stores like Costco and Target, to limit customer product purchases, such as water, toilet paper and other food items so that those who don’t have – can have. The governor says there is no reason to hoard.
  • Senior hours for people of that demographic to go to stores without the presence of customers who could be infected. Giving seniors the comfort of shopping without catching the virus and having access to food and toiletries.
  • Private employers to allow workers to work remotely if not 100 percent essential to business. If employees don’t need to be present, then they should be allowed to work at home.

Molly Spearman – State Superintendent

  • Instruction packets sent home across the state
  • Approved over 600 feeding sites across South Carolina
  • Using 100 plus buses to deliver meals for students who can’t get to feeding sites
  • To see where the sites are, visit
  • Starting Tuesday, March 26th, programming for students will be extended. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. programming filled with instructional and content area programming for all age levels

Linda Bell – DHEC

  • 47 cases in South Carolina spread out across 13 counties – including one in York County
  • The stats also include the state’s first reported death of an elderly patient out of Lexington County who had underlying health issues
  • People are asked to remain calm and rational
  • Majority of cases are relatively mild, some may not even need medical care
  • CDC expects many in the US will be exposed to COVID-19 this year or next
  • Most people will likely not develop serious illness
  • Despite, residents asked to take common sense practices and safeguard against Coronavirus, wash hands, avoid big crowds, stay at home




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