Freedom is only a Wheelchair Away for Rock Hill Woman

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Walking around may seem like a simple task, it’s only getting harder each day for Veronica Morris, of Rock Hill. Her physical disability is taking away her freedom and the only solution is too costly to obtain alone.

Morris is normally the one helping, but with a worsening physical disability she has no other options except reaching out for help. She said, “I have 2 types of arthritis and they affect my hips, my foot, and my hands, and lately the hip and foot pain has been keeping me from getting out as much as I want.”

Adding a physical disability to her already existing mental disabilities has made it clear to her family that the only way she’ll get her independence back is through purchasing an expensive power wheelchair.

With insurance unwilling to cover the cost of the power wheel chair, Veronica’s husband, Brad has been supporting her as best he can, but with his disability their best option is looking to the community.

Her husband Brad said, “That’s what we are doing with the gofundme is just saying this is the only way that we can do this kind of thing. The only way that we can get the help we need is to ask the community.”

While she may be seeking help for her disabilities, Veronica hasn’t let that stop her from helping people just like herself as she volunteers in the community.

Morris volunteers with NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, as well as Psychiatric Service Dog Partners, where she helps advocate for service dog users. She added, “The main focus of my volunteer work with both of these organizations is peer support. That’s disabled people helping other disabled people, and it’s a really powerful form of support.” – Veronica

While it may seem like a small upgrade to most, they say a power wheelchair would give her freedom back as well as the ability to continue helping those around her.
In Rock Hill. Zane Cina. CN2 News.


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