EPA Says New Indy has Met All Requirements to Address Recent Odor Problems

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The Department of Justice has submitted the final consent decree regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency actions on the New-Indy odor situation to the U.S. District Court in South Carolina for review and approval.

The decree states that New-Indy “has been cooperative in complying with the EPA Order, agreeing to this Court’s injunctive “Consent Order” and its extensions, and agreeing to the Consent Decree and penalty without protracted litigation.”

Leaders say in other words, the mill has met or exceeded all requirements in the EPA’s directive to address recent odor problems.

This agreement is only a first step towards resolving any possible pollution issues, but it does state that New Indy Catawba has been cooperative in following the EPA’s orders as well as agreeing to the settlement.

The EPA also found that as of today New Indy Catawba’s pollution levels are well below the amount needed to be dangerous, and it has been stated that an unfortunate part of Paper Mills is that they can just put out a bad smell.

Leaders say this still has to be approved by the court.

Statement from New-Indy Catawba:

“New-Indy Catawba understands that the Department of Justice has submitted the consent
decree to the U.S. District Court in South Carolina for review and approval. New-Indy Catawba has made numerous upgrades and improvements to its facility since acquiring it in 2018, which the EPA has endorsed or requested. The upgrades and improvements have worked as anticipated. Emissions of hydrogen sulfide from the New-Indy Catawba facility have been negligible or zero for more than a year. New-Indy Catawba will continue to cooperate with the EPA and the South Carolina Department of Environmental Control (DHEC) to ensure that its mill complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. New-Indy Catawba thanks its technical staff, the staff at EPA and DHEC who have worked with us for more than a year to upgrade and improve our operations, and the members of our Community Engagement Group who have provided valuable feedback to us and information to the community about New-Indy Catawba’s efforts.”

Click here to find a statement and supporting documents provided by New Indy to CN2 News.

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