Chester Co. Farm Prepares for Impacts of Hurricane Ian

LOWRYS, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Hurricane Ian has made landfall in Florida as a Category 4 storm. Its now making its way through Florida headed to the Carolinas.

While it could be another 24 hours until the storm gets here, the Tri-County is preparing.

We can expect heavy rainfall and high winds through the weekend.

Cotton Hills Farm in Chester County is taking action to protect its cotton crop.

“We are trying to harvest as much cotton as possible before the storm get here”, says Jeb Wilson.

Jeb Wilson with Cotton Hills Farm in Chester County says all hands are on deck as they work to gather as much cotton as possible before heavy rain heads their way from hurricane Ian.

“The heavy rain and wind will knock the cotton on the ground”, Wilson says.

Wilson says they have about 400 acres of cotton and need to harvest close to 80 acres.

Ed Darby, Director for Chester County Emergency Management says they are expecting tropical winds and heavy rain beginning late Friday.

Darby says they are also making sure drains are clear in areas in the city that are known to flood.

Ed Darby adding for people not to panic but instead be prepared with flashlights, extra batteries, extra food, anything you may need in case we do lose power from the potential heavy rains and winds.

As for Cotton Hills Farm, they plan to have the cotton they need harvested before the rain hits

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