Catawba Community Mental Health Center seeking more funding from York County

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The Catawba Community Mental Health Center that serves the Tri-County plans to ask county leaders for additional funding as the need for its services continues to increase.

All hands are on deck for Tamara Edrington, Executive Director of Catawba Community Mental Health Center as more people are in need of mental health services since the COVID pandemic.

“We are seeing more psychotic related disorders with our adult population, those who are needing more care and more hospitalizations”, says Edrington.

With more people needing help, Edrington says they need more staff and programs.

“Based on resources, including funding, staff that we elate to York County and the patient population we do provide about 68 percent to York County residents”, says Edrington.

Edrington plans to speak to York County leaders to ask for additional funding. She says although Catawba Mental Health is a state agency, only about 50 percent of its funding comes from South Carolina. With an annual operating budget of 11.5 million dollars, Edrington says she hopes the county can step up.

Edrington says in 2023, York County gave the organization $10,000 dollars. There were years when that number was much higher, and some years the number was zero.

She is asking the county for $100,000 dollars. Although she says she is grateful for any amount.

“We can do more and we should do more”, says York County Councilman, William “Bump” Roddey.

Roddey is advocating for the need for more funding for Catawba Community Mental Health Center.

“We have to make sure we are putting the money that York County collects from its taxpayers and putting it back so it benefits the taxpayers of York County. I’m sure every family across this county knows someone with mental health issues. We want to put the money where the money is best used”, says Roddey.

The County 2024-2025 budget is still in the early process and it is usually voted on in June by council.

Edrington with Catawba Community Mental Health Center adds they would also like to have a staff member with the Rock Hill Police Department to help on mental health calls, as well as York Technical College. Last year Lancaster County did not provide any funding and Chester County provided $3,000.00. Edrington says she plans to ask both those counties as well for funding.

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