Are Smokers More At Risk For Contracting COVID-19?

ROCK HILL, S.C. — We know smoking can cause damage to the lungs and heart, but did you know it can also cause major pre-existing conditions that severely impact patients who contract COVID-19?

Physicians at Riverview Family Medicine & Urgent Care here in Rock Hill say cardiovascular disease is the worst pre-existing condition for COVID-19 and those who have it are more prone to contract the virus.

Doctors say smoking can be a direct cause of cardiovascular disease.

They say the longer you smoke the more damage you do to your heart and lungs and for those who do contract COVID-19, it could create a longer recovery from the virus and lead to more health risks.

Those doctors are saying for those who’ve ever considered smoking, COVID-19 might be the best motivator to stop.

“It affects the respiratory track and weakens the respiratory tract so your ability to cough and clear stuff out of your lungs and respiratory track is diminished,” Dr. Given said. So, you’re going to have a longer course, unfortunately that also can increase your risk of other secondary infection getting into the lungs.”

Doctor Given says he knows trying to quit can be difficult, but during this outbreak, he hopes that smokers will consider it.

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