A Study Abroad Trip to Help Ukraine

LANCASTER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Although the war between Russia and Ukraine is happening on the other side of the world. Some USC Lancaster students aren’t letting the distance stop them from helping.

A group of 9 students and 3 faculty members just returned home from a study abroad trip in Eastern Europe where they provided some assistance to many Ukrainian Refugees.

The small class held a donation drive in Lancaster before they left and raised more than $2,500 and collected medical, and hygiene supplies to fill 28 suitcases.

Susan Cruise, Associate Professor of Sociology said, “For students to be part of helping people who are going through a heart breaking situation was a learning experience in global responsibility and just global awareness. That everything that happens in our world isn’t just about the United States, or isn’t just about South Carolina or Lancaster. People are hurting all over the world and if we can do even something small to make a difference, that’s showing our support, and it’s also a gift for our students to be able to give. So it’s not just about the give, but the opportunity to be a giver.”

Donations collected was given to Slavic Mission, a Ukrainian run non-profit, based in Poland. During this time students met the people they were helping.

USC Lancaster was also able to raise nearly $22,000 in scholarship funds used to help some of these students get this experience.


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