A “safe place” for victims of a crime. York Co. detective creates soft interview room

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – creating a safe space for victims of a crime, that’s been the mission for a York County detective. It is called a “Soft Interview Room” and it is a place for victims of heinous crimes can come in and share their traumatic stories without feeling as if they are being interrogated.

Special Victims Unit Detective Brooklyn Melton with the York County Sheriff’s Office taking our cameras down this long hallway. A walk a victim of a crime would have to take for an interview.

“I was worried about victims thinking, “I’m the one being interrogated”, when in reality, you’re not, you’re just sharing your story”, says Melton.

Now, thanks to a goal of Melton’s, victims can come into here, it’s called a soft interview room. A space she hopes will bring security.

“The concept is that when a victim comes in to tell their most intimate parts of their lives, something that is traumatic, that’s going to stick with them forever, that they are safe”, says Melton.

Each part of the room has a purpose. From the paint color, to the chairs.

For Melton the story behind the room goes much deeper. When she was young, she was a victim of a crime. She turned her anger and hurt into a passion. She joined the Sheriff’s Office in 2019, working her way up to detective in the Special Victim’s Unit.

“I want to be that person for these other children out here, these other victims out here”, says Melton.

A safe place to let those who faced the unthinkable know law enforcement is seeking justice on their behalf.

“In your darkest moment you can feel like the whole world is against you, but there are people who care”, says Melton.

The soft interview room has only been open a few weeks and is always being used for victims of a crime. She learned about the concept after a training she attended.

Detective Brooklyn Melton has an anonymous donor donate the money needed to remodel the room and bring in furniture and decorations.

She adds in some cases it can be used for a suspects of a crime because in a relaxing in setting they may be more open to talking.

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