7-Year-Old Donates Birthday Gifts



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) A 7-year-old Rock Hill Boy just celebrated a birthday but unlike most kids his age he told his parents instead of presents he wanted to donate to a local non-profit.

Max Nicholls knows the importance of donating. This year instead of getting gifts at his birthday party, he had his friends to bring donations for Bethel United Methodist Church’s Men’s Shelter.

“He has one of the biggest hearts of this year that I know and this year I asked him I said ‘what would you like to do for your birthday this year? I said would you like to have presents of would you like to donate again – it’s up to you. I said it’s perfectly fine if you choose presents and he says ‘no I would really like to donate again,’ and he’s really been talking for the last year about homeless and about how it’s really impacted him and he said he would really like to donate to the homeless,” says Max’s mom Catherine Lathan.

Max says, “[friends] brought all this stuff…and at first big a whole bag , a whole ton of clothes and sleeping bags. There are 75 people that are homeless and they need a home and supplies.”

CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with the birthday boy about what drove him to be so generous.

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