Update on S.C. Teachers & COVID Vaccine

vials of coronavirus vaccine

COLUMBIA, S.C. (CN2 NEWS)  The South Carolina Department of Education and State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman provided an update this Friday on the teacher vaccination efforts and when all South Carolina schools could re-open for 5 Days of Face to Face instruction.

Molly Spearman says that of the 1,266 public schools in the state, 682 schools are operating 5 days a week.

553 Schools are in a hybrid learning model, and 31 school are fully virtual.

As for a vaccination plan for teachers, the South Carolina Senate has approved that teachers get moved up to phase 1A. That is now being debated in the house, but is expected to move forward and then to Governor Henry McMaster’s Desk.

If the bill is passed, educators have the option to get the vaccine, and schools will go a full 5 days – face to face – after spring break, and every district has already been matched with a vaccine provider.

There are four possible plans for vaccinations distribution for teachers:

1.The vaccine providers will handle everything, from the planning to the set up to the distribution.

2. There may be an option where the provider and the district conduct an event together.

3. The provider gives out the vaccine only and school nurses administer the shot

4. The provider organizes smaller districts to come together to vaccinate at one location.

When it comes to those four plans, Spearman says it just depends on the district and their size, but she says she supports educators receiving the vaccine, and it’s critical to keeping our schools open.

Governor McMaster says he wants South Carolina School Districts to have plans in place to pass out the vaccines to teachers before they make doses available.

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