York County Leaders Discuss the Importance of Economic Growth Throughout the County


YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) Over the last years we’ve seen just how important businesses are in our community. Looking ahead at 2021, leaders across York County are looking to invest in our economy and more importantly its people.

If you’ve been in York County for more than a few years you know it’s continuing to evolve. County leaders say new growth and developments are paving the way for future generations.

York County Councilman, Joel Hamilton, says, “These companies moving into the area — it’s projects like the Panthers, it’s the development that we’re seeing downtown — the taxpayers that these companies and these projects bring, at the end of the day, take the burden off the people of this area.”

As York County’s population nears 300,000, leaders say that it’s among South Carolina’s fastest growing counties. Something they say wouldn’t be possible without diverse economic development.

Now, David Swenson, Director of York County Economic Development, says the county is in the process of updating it’s strategic plans for the next five years.

Swenson says moving forward he wants to continue building partnerships with towns and cities working together on projects that impact the entire county including the new Carolina Panthers projects which is putting a new spotlight on our area.

The City of Rock Hill’s Mayor, John Gettys, says, “It puts us on the map in several ways so that we get more development coming to Rock Hill than we’ve seen in the recent past. I can tell you from looking at and dealing with all of the things that I get to do as Mayor, the interest we have from the kinds of companies that we want to have interest from, is really off the charts.”

“I think it’s just exciting times and you know we are a part of a regional make up and in the Charlotte marketplace. We are a player in it. We are the second largest populated county. So, what happens in the realm of Charlotte, we need to be embracing that. We need to be engaged with Charlotte and I think that’s probably on the horizon too,” says Swenson.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson with the 2021 Economic Growth plan.

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