Winthrop University Professors Take a Look at President Joe Biden’s First 100 Days in Office



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) President Joe Biden is approaching his first 100 days in the oval office. Winthrop University history, political science professors and a government documents librarian, coming together to host an event on campus that takes a look at his time so far as president — as well as all of the presidents before him, going back to the F.D.R. administration.

Winthrop professors coming together to discuss President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office, but first they took an important look back at when talk of the first 100 days got started.

Winthrop Professor, Eddie Lee says, “Franklin Roosevelt hundred days from March until June 1933 are the yard stick aside which all the other hundred a day. The president that came after Franklin Roosevelt are measured by.”

F.D.R.‘s first 100 days in office back in 1933 set the stage for presidents to come setting a precedence that president should accomplish as much as they could in their own first 100 days in the office. This event is taking a look at President’s seats from F.D.R. all the way to Joe Biden. Many professors are saying that Joe Biden is above average in the number of executive orders issued in his time in office so far.

Winthrop Professor Dr. John Holder says, “The public seems to appreciate the things that he’s done for coronavirus and for the economy and they are not so happy with the situation that’s developing on the southern border.”

88 years of presidential history reviewed at the event — each presidency having lofty agendas and goals. Taking a look at government documents gives more insight into their priorities. Amanda McLeod, Winthrop’s Government Documents Librarian discusses
a few of President Joe Biden’s priorities so far.

“I think the coronavirus pandemic is certainly going to be a big factor in how he is viewed going forward and say you have you know he talked about one of his priorities was getting 100 million vaccination shots administered both were the first 100 days which he met that and exceeded it.”

“100 days it’s just symbolic but it can tell you how Joe Biden, or Donald Trump, or Barack Obama or somebody else, compares to the previous president say you can see how successful they are or are not at getting done what they wanna do,” says Dr. Holder.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is learning why taking a look back is important in moving forward.

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