UPDATE: Water Main Break Shuts Down Schools, Boil Advisory Still In Effect

UPDATE (1 PM THURSDAY): Water utility crews are still working to treat the water. They need at least 24 hours before the boil water advisory can be lifted.

The water pipe that burst was laid in the ground in 1949 and was scheduled to be replaced in 18 months. The pipe bursted because it simply aged out and could no longer handle additional pressure.

The city lost 30 million gallons of water in just 24 hours, which totals 40,000 dollars in lost revenue.

Crews say they have a solid maintenance system and will continue to invest in replacing water pipes and water improvements so an incident like this does not happen again.


UPDATE (10 AM THURSDAY): Water customers will start seeing water service restored, but should expect low pressure at first. Crews were able to repair the broken 22-inch pipe. The water plant has been in operation since 3 AM.

Throughout the day, as more water is produced to fill the distribution system, pressure will increase. Field crews will flush hydrants throughout the day to remove air and any sediment that settled from the lines.

City utility crews will start filling elevated water tanks early this afternoon. They’ll take samples throughout the system to monitor water quality, but since full results won’t be complete until tomorrow, the boil water advisory remains in effect through Friday, Oct. 11, and may be extended depending on test results.

Lanes of Cherry Road near Mt. Gallant Road southbound in the direction going toward Winthrop University are open. One northbound lane traveling toward I-77 is expected to open shortly as mud is cleaned from the roadway.

If you plan to drink or consume the water, be sure to boil it.


UPDATE (Wednesday): Fort Mill and York 1 Schools have cancelled for Thursday. Some Clover schools are closed. Winthrop University and Clinton College are also set to be closed. City / County offices are closed. Check FB / Twitter pages for specific locations and more information.


ROCK HILL, S.C. — Many residents across York County have little to no water right now.

A water main break along Cherry Road prompted a boil water advisory around 3 p.m on Wednesday for all water customers throughout the county.

A pipe burst around 1 p.m. Crews allowed several hours for the water to settle down before they could go in and make repairs. They began to rectify the situation around 9:30 p.m. and through the night.

Crews are working to fix the problem. Residents are asked to reduce water usage as much as possible.

Stay tuned for updates.

How to Purify Bacteria Contaminated Water by Boiling:

  • Bring water to a rolling boil and keep it there for at least 1 full minute. Then, let it cool before using.
  • Stop using appliances and equipment that use drinkable water, such as dishwashers, icemakers, tea brewers and coffee makers.
  • Use disposable paper, plastic or foam plates, cups, forks, etc.
  • Prepare food using water that has been boiled.
  •  Wash hands with water that has been boiled and cooled.
  • Wash, rinse and sanitize pots, pans and other equipment with water that has been boiled and cooled.
  • Brush your teeth with either boiled or bottled water.